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Fee Guide

Treatments   fees
New Patient Consultation   £90.00
Routine Oral Health Check   £37.50
Intraoral Xrays from £10.00
Panoral Radiograph   45.00
Tooth Whitening treatment £365.00
Cosmetic white fillings from £79.00 - £195.00
Porcelain inlays/onlays from £345.00
Private porcelain veneers from £545.00
All porcelain cosmetic CEREC crowns (same day crowns) from £495.00
All porcelain highly cosmetic zirconium crowns from £645.00
All porcelain highly cosmetic emax CEREC crowns from £595.00
Root Canal Treatments
Anterior teeth (single canal) root canal treatment from £275.00
Premolar teeth (two canals) root canal treatment from £340.00
Molar teeth  (multiple canals) root canal treatment from £440.00
Cosmetic Orthodontics
Inman Aligner from £995.00 per jaw
Clear Aligners from £275.00 per treatment
Fastbraces from £1400.00 per treatment
Simple Orthodontic Devices from £195.00
Hygienist Services
Scale and polish and oral hygiene instruction   £52.00
Root planning from £90.00
Acrylic dentures from £325.00 - £650.00
Chrome Cobalt Vitallium dentures from £795.00
A guide to some implant costs:
Single tooth replacement from £2195.00
Retentive anchor retained denture from £3850.00
Bar-borne retained denture from £6850.00
3-unit bridge on 2 implants from £4450.00
All on 4 full arch reconstruction from £8000.00
Inhalation Sedation (Relative analgesia) from £98.00
Intravenous Sedation (IV sedation) from £195.00
Extractions from £98.50
Complex extractions from £165.50
Impacted wisdom teeth from £225.00
Connective tissue or keratinised tissue grafts from £295.00
Bone Augmentation grafts (incl membrane) from £455.00
Sinus Lift procedure from £295.00 - £650.00
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