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Preventative » Dental Health Checks

We carry out an extensive examination to assess the overall health of your mouth in each of the following areas :

  • We check your medical records to assess any conditions or medications that may affect your mouth, and modify our treatments accordingly.
  • We discuss your dental history and take notes to help tailor your future care.
  • We address any concerns you may have about your teeth and appearance of your smile.
  • We check for any plaque in the mouth which causes damage to the teeth and gums.
  • We examine your teeth to ensure they are healthy and strong.
  • We examine your restorations (fillings/crowns etc)and check for cracks, leakage, erosion or decay.
  • We examine the health of your gums to assess for any undiagnosed gum disease/ periodontitis.
  • We examine the supporting bone around the teeth by occasionally taking radiographs.
  • We examine all the soft tissue in the mouth (including tongue, cheeks, lips, floor, roof of mouth and salivary glands) to ensure optimum health and we screen for oral cancer. We also check the outside of your mouth and your jaw joints.
  • We assess your oral care and educate you to adopt an optimum oral hygiene regime.
  • We identify risk factors for oral health (eg: smoking, alcohol) Risk factors for oral health are identified and acted upon

By using this information we can maintain and improve your dental care and formulate a maintenance plan to help you maintain your dental health by reducing the risk factors which contribute to dental problems.

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