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Preventative » Oral Health Education

Oral hygiene instruction is helpful and educational information meant to teach and guide you to prevent new cavities and to maintain healthy teeth and gums. At your initial oral hygiene visit, our hygienists will assess your current oral hygiene care and will advise you on how to get the most out of your brushing routine.The mouth is so unique that our hygienist will educate you and tailor a care program which may involve special brushes, dental floss or cleaning aids to optimise your dental care.

You may require special care or cleaning aids to clean under bridges, around implants, or simply overlapping teeth.

The oral health education visit will form part of this assessment and review. Follow up visits are usually required to further assess your progress in maintaining good oral health, and to help review and reinforce techniques of cleaning at home.

Routine hygienist visits help ensure that you are regularly assessed and maintained at an optimum level of hygiene to help keep your teeth for life.

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