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Advanced Treatments » Cosmetic Gum Contouring and Teeth Reshaping/Bonding

If you suffer with a 'gummy smile' or do not like the shape of your individual teeth, we have the perfect treatments for you in the form of gum contouring and tooth reshaping.

Both procedures bring a sense of symmetry to a smile and can greatly enhance your overall appearance.

Gum contouring

If your gum line hangs low over your teeth a smile can appear short and this can lead to feelings of low self-esteem. However, our gum contouring treatment can soon rectify this problem by simply removing excess tissue from the gum line. This will lengthen the appearance of teeth and greatly enhance your smile.

Tooth reshaping

You may feel that a tooth or teeth are too long or uneven along the biting edge, all of which we can alter with our tooth reshaping treatment. This is a safe procedure and one our team is highly experienced in performing.

A beautiful, symmetrical smile can soon be yours with one of our effective and simple contouring treatments.

Cosmetic Dental bonding is a technique that can transform your smile in just one single visit. Cosmetic bonding is used in a variety of cosmetic dental procedures:

  • Repairing broken & chipped teeth
  • Closing gaps between teeth (diastemas )
  • Reshaping Resizing teeth
  • disguise discolouration
  • It is a dental procedure in wich a tooth-coloured resin material is applied to teeth to restore or to improve your smile.

The great thing about cosmetic bonding is that anaesthesia is often not necessary at all and just one visit is required to carry out the treatment. Using the latest materials and techniques we are able to closely match the colour and character of your teeth with minimally invasive dentistry techniques.

Gum remodelling/contouring is a relatively painless and simple technique that can be used to address a low or uneven gum line by reshaping and correcting the tissue. The treatment works by removing excess gum tissue, sealing the gum as treatment progresses so no stitches are required.

Dramatic results revealing more teeth than gum for an instant smile lift can be achieved relatively painlessly in a short period of time.

If used in combination with porcelain veneers, gum reshaping is an ideal treatment choice to correct small, crooked or misshapen teeth to create a beautiful and balanced smile.

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