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Our patients are the most important aspect of our practice.

We value patients who expect clinical and technical excellence provided by our team of oral health professionals.

At your initial appointment, we will take a full medical and dental history. We carry out an extensive examination with radiographs to aid in our oral health screening in order to diagnose your current oral health status, the cause of any problems, as well as screen you for oral cancer.

We will treat you with respect and understanding and respond to your concerns.

We will listen to your problems and your wishes, and work with you to reach a desirable solution from a selection of options to achieve your preferred/selected treatment if any treatment is indicated.

Our team will provide you with a visual explanation and written estimate of treatment clearly stating the associated costs.

The Dental team will encourage you to maintain your oral health maintenance checks with our clinical team of dentists and oral hygienists, to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth and confident smile.

Our aim and final results is to work with you and to ensure that you remain dentally healthy and confident, and assist you to keep your teeth for life and to keep you smiling.

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